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Give Your Kitchen The Long Life It Deserves

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Experience lasting protection with our Base Coating, which creates a robust 10H anti-staining layer.

Protect your work surface and cabinets against spills like red wine, coffee, and more, ensuring years of stain-free beauty.

Stain-Resistant Shield:

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Our Coatings establish a hydrophobic barrier between liquids and the protected surface, causing liquids to bead up.


This makes it a breeze for you to wipe away spills with just a damp cloth, even in your oven and on your hob!

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Effortless Cleaning:

Why Is Everyone Talking About Ceramic Coating?

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Our base and top coat solutions offer excellent UV protection for your worktops and cabinets.


Say goodbye to UV staining and bleaching, even on the most delicate matte or gloss finishes.

UV Protection:

Chemical-Free Maintenance:

Our coatings are exceptionally resilient against staining, eliminating the need for harsh chemical cleaners.


A simple solution of water and dish soap on a cloth is all you'll ever require, saving you both time and money!

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New Kitchen? 


Our NEW Ceramic Coating product has exceptional self-cleaning capabilities so you can enjoy a sleek, glossy, and high end finish that stands the test of time.


Unmatched protection for your kitchen. Give it the life it deserves. Newer for longer.

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Kitchen Interior

Who doesn't enjoy the excitement of shopping for a new kitchen? We all love flipping through magazines and brochures to pick the style, color, and appliances that we like. Once we've made our choice, we go through the process of getting the new kitchen installed, and then, voila, we have a beautiful new kitchen to enjoy!

But in real-life family situations with kids, pets, and daily messes, how long can we really keep that 'new' look and how easy is it to clean and maintain? A survey from 2018 found that many people dislike cleaning the kitchen, and on average, we spend about 13 minutes a day cleaning up after meals. Over time, you might notice small scratches on stainless steel and even on tough countertops and laminates, despite how sturdy they seemed at the showroom.

For over 40 years, industries have been using special coatings called nano-coatings and nano-ceramics. These coatings make surfaces super smooth, like liquid glass, by filling in tiny imperfections that we can't see with the naked eye.


The great thing about these coatings is that they make it really easy to clean. Everyday messes like dirt, oil, and grease don't stick to the surface because it's so smooth.


Protect your kitchen from:

  1. Stains, like those from red wine or olive oil.

  2. Scratches caused by rough cleaners and utensils.

  3. Dirt sticking to the surface, like burnt-on food.

  4. Damage from heat, like hot pans and coffee cups.

More About Ceramic Coating

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Lay a primer coat that effectively seals the pores of your worktop.

01 - Base Coat

We apply an ultra-durable 10H base coat with remarkable thickness.

02 - Protection Layer

We top it off with a gloss-boosting 9H finish.

03 - Glossy Finish

Our Coating Process

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